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Allowing Ourselves to Risk Failure

Life is one big long lesson. We find ourselves schooled by daily events, tested through our attempts. If we accept that our successes and our failures are part of life, we will not be so fearful of making mistakes.

Fearing to make mistakes will keep us from ta...

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Emotional Maturity

Many of us struggle with being emotionally mature, that is, acting and responding as an adult, instead of reacting and acting out like a child would.

Step one in achieving emotional maturity requires us to self-reflect. That is, we need to step back and see the bigger pictur...

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Build a Better Sense of Self

With trauma comes a fractured sense of self. To re-gain that sense requires several things. First, we must realize that trauma makes us lose ourselves. To heal, we need to work to restore that.

I see this happening in three steps:

1. Setting boundaries. When we set...

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It took only a few hours to damage and destroy part of this 800 year old cathedral. The iconic timbers will never be, and they are now dust.

Life is like that. We can lose a home, a loved one, a job in an instant. How often we think, if only I realized, if only I knew, I would have...

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In EMDR we learn how to put intrusive thoughts aside though the use of a imaginary container.

Intrusive thoughts are those thoughts that spin around in your head, distracting you from your work or play, and keep you agitated. Learning how to manage such thoughts is learning how to con...

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Everyone experiences trauma in their own way, and with their own set of symptoms. One symptom I see across the board for all trauma survivors is fear.

Fear can come from many sources. With trauma, fear is heightened because of hypervigilance, which makes an individual see danger even w...

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We live in a time of social media, where individuals present photos and news about themselves and their family. Many times I see clients who are stressed over these things, believing that everyone else has a life better and more perfect than theirs. But the truth is, social media is...

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Are you aware of the factors that lead to becoming a co-dependent individual? If you are not, you may not even be aware that the stressors, the anxiety, the depression you struggle with are caused by an attitude of co-dependency. Learn about co-dependency so that you can move aware ...

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We will always have showers. The secret to staying dry is not staying inside and never go out in the rain, but have your protection ready. It's the same with life. You cannot live without some stress or anxiety. The secret is to have tools at the ready. Do you know how to slow your heart rate and...

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  • EMDR

    EMDR is a specialized form of therapy for trauma.
  • Flash Technique

    Flash Technique is a type of EMDR therapy that treats those memories too distressing to do EMDR

Specialist in Tauma Therapy

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